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At Girl Up Neev, our top priority is to achieve results, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our approach is to build strategic networks and promote programs that will help advance our work. Learn more about the causes we’re passionate about and get in touch with us to see how you can get involved.

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Clothes Distribution Drive

 Girl up Neev added to this initiative in collaboration with Heart Foundation. The pandemic has left people with barely anything to eat. So it’s important to do whatever you can to help these poor souls. So we took it upon ourselves to take excess clothes from people and fend it to those in need. In this light, we provided clothes to 155 families.


 Beach Clean Up

Contributed to this amazing drive for making our beaches a picturesque sight for all and act upon the UN Goal of CLIMATE ACTION. Team Neev volunteered along with Help Other NGO to clean the Juhu beach which has been at the heart of the city of Mumbai. We are all witnessing the effects of climate change, we’re doing our best to help the cause.



Team Girl up Neev in collaboration with Zomato Feeding India took upon themselves to feed some hungry souls out there. We all know that the pandemic has caused a ruckus and people have been unable to afford the very basics of life like food and shelter. Hence, we saw this as an opportunity to spread some joy in such difficult times. We were able to distribute 400+ meals in the slums of Mumbai - Bandra and Vile Parle East.

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After all the toxicity and waste that the environment receives from humans, it seems difficult for the earth to survive for a long time. The members of Girl Up Neev had come together to organize a Diwali fundraiser event called "Artsy Diwali" on the 7th of November that not only used waste to make it into useful things like paper stand out of newspaper and diya painting with a DVD but also will be donating the funds received from the workshop to the needy. It was conducted by Ananya Bajoria a very talented artist who was extremely patient and answered all the doubts of the children very calmly. The workshop was later followed by a competition in which the participants used wonderful ideas to make waste useful in spite of having exams. The first prize was won by Manvi Choraria, the second prize was won by Harshana Dugar and Pragya and the third prize was won by Myra Mehta. Happy to have such enthusiastic children at the workshop.

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Housie with a Twist

Girl Up Neev organized a fun virtual game night, called ‘Housie with a Twist’ on 17th October, Saturday evening. As the name says, it was a game of our favourite game Tambola or Housie, but with a feminist twist. Replacing the numbers on Tambola tickets were names of feminist icons – ranging from the entertainment industry to politics, advocacy, activism, sport, science, and to add a fun element, fictional leading ladies and women from our favourite memes as well! Prizes of four corners, top, middle and bottom rows, and first two full houses were up for grabs. With hints dropped, the participants were made to guess whose name was being referred to, and Michelle Obama, Jacinda Arden, Serena Williams, Lorelai Gilmore, and even Kokila Ben, were some of the loudest and most popular guesses. 


Make and Map

During this pandemic all of us have been adapting to a completely new and different mode of learning, this is the current wave of digital mode of learning and as our goal of promoting STEM education for girls, we conducted a workshop titled “Make and Map” for students of classes 5th to 7th. Our event was a workshop + competition, wherein we covered two major topics: Mind Mapping and Graphic Designing through Canva. It was a 2 hour event, wherein we first covered Mind Mapping, it was taken over by Gaurav. In the second part of the event, we covered our other event, graphic designing through Canva.  Amrit took over and taught the kids about the basics of Canva, and then taught them to design a greeting card for Diwali.
The kids were then informed about a competition wherein they would have to design their own birthday invites and the best invitations would win exciting prizes. We had around 25 to 30 kids who participated in this event, the kids were very enthusiastic and eager to learn, and they showed great interest in learning and indulged in healthy competition too.


LinkedIn Workshop

Girl up Neev organized a very insightful session on ‘How to build up your LinkedIn Profile’ on 2nd September 2020. The session was conducted by Bhavika Mehta, Founder, and President of the organization followed by Nishtha Jindal. The session gave us insights on various tips and tricks as to how to remain active on this booming app, maintain a professional outlook and the importance of filling out each detail on the profile with a subtle structure. The session gave the attendees a new perspective on building up connections with the utmost credibility. Overall, the session turned out to be a great learning experience for all the attendees.

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Movie Night 

 There's no other night than a movie night. Girl Up Neev conducted a movie night on 21st August on Netflix Party as a member bonding activity. We selected "Ek Ladki ko Dekha to Aisa Laga" for it. It addressed various social stigmas like homophobia, imposed gender specific roles like only females are the ones who cook. The object was to raise awareness about the social issues that still prevail in the villages and the rural areas of India. It also showed how people come together against homophobia and emphatize with those affecting by it. The movie had the best screenplay, actors and music. It depicted the vibrant culture of Moga, a village in Punjab. Generation gap plays an important role when defining such issues and the movie addressed it well. Overall, everybody enjoyed it a lot with the urge of dancing on the amazing music it had. With chatting and binge watching, we ended the night.


 Mental Health During Uncertain Times

The online event, hosted through Zoom, involved a discussion on topics pertaining to mental health, such as portrayal of mental disorders in media, experiences of fat-shaming, racism and other kinds of bullying, common coping mechanisms, among others.  The conversations took place in break-out rooms of 3-4 participants each, moderated by our members in each room. The discussion was facilitated by questions and prompts that flashed periodically across all breakout rooms, and also involved spontaneous conversations that flowed in relation to the prescribed topics. Many shared deeply personal insights and experiences of how they had undergone bullying during childhood, how being away from their loved ones during the pandemic had affected their mental health, etc. With nearly 60 participants who engaged in these conversations, the event was a resounding success. The feedback was overwhelming, with our participants revelling at how startlingly comforting it was to take an hour out of their day simply to talk about mental health - a conversation most of them had never partaken in.

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 Lets Talk Hygiene with Sirona

Girl Up Neev made its first mark on the world with a seminar on "Let's talk hygiene with Sirona". Ms. Nikita Satija took us through an insightful journey of intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women and inspired us to #bethechange.

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