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Movie Night 


 There's no other night than a movie night. Girl Up Neev conducted a movie night on 21st August on Netflix Party as a member bonding activity. We selected "Ek Ladki ko Dekha to Aisa Laga" for it. It addressed various social stigmas like homophobia, imposed gender specific roles like only females are the ones who cook. The object was to raise awareness about the social issues that still prevail in the villages and the rural areas of India. It also showed how people come together against homophobia and emphatize with those affecting by it. The movie had the best screenplay, actors and music. It depicted the vibrant culture of Moga, a village in Punjab. Generation gap plays an important role when defining such issues and the movie addressed it well.
Overall, everybody enjoyed it a lot with the urge of dancing on the amazing music it had. With chatting and binge watching, we ended the night.

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