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 Mental Health During Uncertain Times


The online event, hosted through Zoom, involved a discussion on topics pertaining to mental health, such as portrayal of mental disorders in media, experiences of fat-shaming, racism and other kinds of bullying, common coping mechanisms, among others.  The conversations took place in break-out rooms of 3-4 participants each, moderated by our members in each room. The discussion was facilitated by questions and prompts that flashed periodically across all breakout rooms, and also involved spontaneous conversations that flowed in relation to the prescribed topics. Many shared deeply personal insights and experiences of how they had undergone bullying during childhood, how being away from their loved ones during the pandemic had affected their mental health, etc. With nearly 60 participants who engaged in these conversations, the event was a resounding success. The feedback was overwhelming, with our participants revelling at how startlingly comforting it was to take an hour out of their day simply to talk about mental health - a conversation most of them had never partaken in.

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